Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mercer Logs 4

Friday, March 27, 1874
 Barometer 29.5 This day begins with the wind NNE, light. Very foggy weather.
     The first on record. At about half past six O'clock PM was born unto Edward Thos. Bernard and Emma Livingston Mercer, a bouncing boy baby. It made Ned feel about the size of two ordinary sized men. Don't blame him for feeling so. There are others who would feel just as big and wish they were in the same fix, eh Jed.
     So ends this day. Wind ENE, moderate. Very smooth bar. High tide. Barometer 29.5
Oh, my gosh. It has been almost a month since I have posted on this blog but I have not been doing nothing. I've spent some serious time working on the project I've mentioned before, The Mercer Logs. In trying to make a photograph that might be evocative of something in the log, I had been worrying about how to handle the issue of three Mercer babies that were born during the time of the preserved logs. I had thought that when I went to Port Aransas again I would try to find some infants to photograph. Suddenly in the middle of the night, which is always when my good ideas seem to occur, I thought, Hey, I don't have to find babies, I already have pictures of Mercer babies. So I spent a day digging through negatives and digital files for pictures of my grandsons. I still have some negatives in Houston and I think I have some additional pictures that will be considered for the book. But when you see a baby in the book, it is going to be a Mercer. 


  1. Before I read a word I smiled and stared at that baby, thinking it's one of the loveliest, most beautiful baby pictures I've ever seen. How happy and serene he looks! Such a sweet, sweet face.

    And then as I read I thought how perfect for this entry. And then: he's one of your grandsons. Oh I simply love how this is turning out. Thank you again so much for sharing along the way.

  2. Barbara, do you have some connection to the Mercer Logs? Thank you for your comments. I have been kind of doing/thinking about this project for a while but finally things seem to be coming together. Not finished together but together in the sense that it is starting to take shape.

  3. Hi Billie - No, no connection at all other than what you've shared on your blog. For some reason they've mesmerized me from the first day you shared about them. I love anything old, I love writing, babies, you see every facet speaks to me. : ) That you have the logs is rich, and that you're preserving them is such a gift for your family. And delving into them is an adventure of its own. Oh I'm so happy you share of them what you do. It's wonderful!