Saturday, September 27, 2014

Margaret and Me

This is my "little" sister and me in October, 1995. She lived in Midland, Texas and I was there so that I could take down a exhibition of my work in Odessa. Margaret had helped me get it down. I don't know where we were when this was made or who took the shot but it was with my 35mm SLR camera. Tiny negative, grainy film but I have very few pictures of the two of us together because I was always the one using the camera. I'm thankful for this picture. A year later breast cancer took her life. Today she would have been 74 years old. I still miss her deeply. Rest in peace, Margaret Ann Williams Taylor. RIP


  1. You and your sister both had the penchant for those fashionably huge glasses.

  2. It was the fashion and we were quite stylish! LOL

  3. It is posts like this that remind me I need to take more photographs of the people in my life. We often forget the obvious. At least, I do. In an attempt to avoid the cliche, I often miss the joy pieces.