Monday, July 21, 2014

Meet Lola

Meet Lola. She is my new wheels. Actually, Lola is more like middle-age wheels instead of new. I've bought a Semi-Neuvo car. Semi-Neuvo, or almost new, is what the dealerships call used cars. Lola wasn't from a dealer. She is direct from her original buyer in 2006. She was checked out by two mechanics and both of them said she was in very good shape for her age.

Lola is a Nissan Platina. Autoevolution writes: The Platina, which is not sold in Europe, shares its platform with the Renault Clio and Modus as well as with the Nissan Micra and Note. Though not particularly visually attractive, it has all the features that have made Clio one of Europe's best selling cars since its launch in 1990: reliability, affordability and agility.

It is without a doubt not an attractive car and Lola's color is gray/silver. She already has the required San Miguel scuffs on her bumpers. She isn't going to attract any attention on the street but the part I like is reliability, affordability and agility.

Buying this car has been an interesting experience and I've been "enjoying" the experience for a week. Taking her for a test drive, Sitting with her at the Mechanic's shop. Getting my physical and blood type. Getting a Mexican Driver's license, Getting the title transferred, new license plates and emissions testing done. I took the Kindle along for two days to sit in government offices and wait my turn but I ended up watching the system work. It does work....slowly. Some things I do not understand. For example, I could turn in a copy of my passport and permanent resident card but I had to have the original of my physical. It is easiest to just do it and stop trying to figure out why.

I have great friends who have taken me along to Queretaro and Celaya when they were headed to Costco or Home Depot but I'm a Texan and I've been feeling the need to get my own horse. I can't begin to tell you how exciting it was on Thursday when I got in MY car and drove myself to Celaya. Maybe that sounds silly but it was another important marker in life without Ned.

If you are wondering how Lola got her name it is an acronym for Little Old Lady's Auto. Lola and I are not planning any big excursions but it is possible that you will pass me on the highway to Celaya. Oh....if I'm pulled off the highway with the hood up, don't pass me! Stop and help.


  1. I;m absolutely THRILLED for you. Looks like you and Lola will have many, many years of adventures and thrills!

    1. I'm pretty happy about it myself. It was the right thing to do. Hope Lola can keep up with me, you know I'm getting younger every year.

  2. You know whatever Lola wants Lola gets.