Monday, September 12, 2016

Protest Age-ism

A couple of things have happened recently which make me think that because of my "maturity" I'm being treated differently and I don't like it!

First of all, I'm going overseas to a workshop. The workshop requires that participants have International Travel Insurance. So, I went on line to buy it and I found out that in another three months when I am 80 it becomes almost impossible to buy it and if you can buy it, it is very limited in the total coverage offered. I know some people in their 80's may not be in good health but what about those of us who are still on the move? <sigh> I guess I'll figure out what to do when the situation comes up after my birthday.

One of my credit cards furnishes my credit score periodically. Today I got a notice that I could go on line and get mine. I've done it before and it stays about the same all of the time. But this time it had dropped 50 points. Whoa! What happened? I'll tell you what happened. My credit score dropped because I do not have a mortgage, car payment or some kind of loan so that how I pay that type of debt can be evaluated. Credit card payments are evaluated separately. Can you believe that? Because I don't have debt I'm less credit worthy. I would think that a lot of mature, retired people do not have a mortgage or a car payment. Does that make us less credit worthy than younger people who have credit card debts, two car payments, college loans and a mortgage?

Have any things like this happened to you? Who wants to join my protest movement?


  1. I totally agree with you. My husband turned 70 this year and his company life insurance no longer applies. We met with an insurance broker and learned that it would cost $1,200 a month to insure us. Forget that!! I spoke to a rather wealthy friend and she said oh yeah no one she knows has life insurance anymore.
    Then we have a line of credit and realized it isn't life insured, again, bank said no, can't do if over 70.
    We travel to Europe a lot and have learned in some countries you can't rent a car over 70.

  2. It's time for us boomers to kick some ass and get the service we are entitled to!

  3. Stumbled on your blog, love your get up and go. Your photography has progressed fantastically. I lost Marcia 12 years ago. Remarried 10 years ago (Judy). Living a very quiet life in Florida. Big 80 next March but still kicking ass.