Sunday, May 22, 2016


Now that the renovation work on the house is basically done, I have lots to do in going through stuff and either getting rid of it or finding a new place to use it or reframing pictures and the list goes on. But what am I doing? I'm playing with the iPhone.
This is a Costco Orchid that I bought this week just to have a flower in my bedroom. They last for weeks and so it ends up they are cheaper than buying a bouquet of flowers every week. I took pictures of it and then I sat down to play with photo apps.
It isn't exactly "right" but there is something about it that keeps me thinking about it and where I could take the idea.
"What you need to know about the next piece is contained in the last piece."
Art and Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland.


  1. This conjures a warm night, the low hum of electricity with the one you're with, time stretcheing out, smokey whiskey, languid conversation long into the night, late night foraging for good eats, belly laughs, a few poignant moments. A precious time shared and held in memory, captured just as you did the orchid.

    1. Barbara, how beautiful. It is pretty inspiring for me when someone connects in an emotional way with my photographs. So keep conjuring! LOL

  2. I have always enjoyed your photographs. This one is no exception. It had not occurred to me until right now that there is a lot in common with editing essays and re-working photographs.