Saturday, May 21, 2016

My Latest Obsession

You may not have picked up on my latest obsession but I'm afraid that I am becoming addicted to Orchids. I've messed with them before but that was many years ago and I thought that the move to Mexico's high desert with low humidity had cured me. But alas, there is a gang here in San Miguel called the Orchid Club and it looks like they have lured me back. Last Fall, I was invited to their annual dinner so that I felt obligated to go to the Orchid show the next day. Between their kindness and generosity and the beauty of the orchids, I was forced to buy two. And that turned me on. I had to have more. Now I'm afraid that more is never enough.
Two weeks ago I was in Mexico City for the Orchid Expo....and I bought two more. I decided if I'm going to grow orchids I needed some help so I ordered a beautiful book, Understanding Orchids by William Cullina.  Today I talked friends into going to Celaya, can you believe it...on a the Celaya Expo de Flor. I bought three more orchids, a violet and a gorgeous white hydrangea. See, an orchid addiction just leads to other flowers. Now I have two violets because I bought one sad looking little violet at Home Depot earlier in the week.
The hydrangea? I don't know why I bought it. I've tried growing them here before but the soil isn't right for them so it is a battle to keep them nourished. But a white hydrangea is such an elegant flower and makes me think of lovely old southern homes with porches where you sat in a white wicker rocking chair wearing a pale blue linen dress in the late afternoon and drank tea, I really, really do have to try to get this hydrangea to grow so it can paint lovely pictures for me.
I do not know what kind of orchids I bought today. The one you see above is in a pot, one is on a piece of a tree and the other is mounted on a board. At least the ones I bought in Mexico City came with pedigrees.    

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  1. Great! With the knowledgeable group here, you'll have lots of people to help you as you and the orchids grow! I had lunch with Jim Roberts yesterday. He certainly knows orchids and lots of other stuff........ Enjoy your orchids. This climate is perfect for orchids.......