Monday, June 17, 2013

Younger Next Year

Over the last 10 months or so I've lost some weight, I've gotten back to my Yoga class and I've recently joined a Cardio and weight class a couple of times a week. I was pleased with what I was doing but I had this feeling that it wasn't enough. Sure enough, as happens a lot of times in my life, along comes some inspiration. I can't remember who mentioned the book to me but I downloaded Younger Next Year for Women: Live Strong, Fit and Sexy Until You're 80 and Beyond, by Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge, M.D. I'm not that far from 80 so I'm glad they tacked on that "and Beyond" bit.

In many ways it is a breezy motivational book but I believe it has substance. It is built around "Harry's Rules" of which there are seven that you should follow for the rest of your life. I'm really connecting with the ones having to do with exercise. Basically serious aerobic exercise four days a week and serious strength training with weights two days a week. As I read what the book had to say about the science of what exercise does and why it was so important as we grow older it made sense.
I could definitely see how it could make it possible to lead an active life longer. I'm not so sure I'm in all the way like Crowley but I'll take it a step at a time. I'm definitely going to up my aerobic exercise.

I also like the diet advice although it isn't a diet book. Quit Eating Crap! is one of the rules. I can live with that.

There are a couple of rules that have to do with connecting with people, committing to goals and organizations or causes. They cite studies about the brain and how important human connections are to our health and emotional well-being. In general people who are connected to their community in many ways, live longer. The book talks about how as we get older we start to lose friends and family and we need to work diligently on making new connections. We need to say yes instead of no to opportunities even if we aren't sure we want to do it. Some say that San Miguel de Allende is the fountain of youth. If there is any truth to that it is because if you are open you can find friends and many ways to connect with the community.

There are some things in the book I don't like that much. Like, you are still going to get wrinkles, and saggy skin, and gray hair....stuff like that. (Like you see in the picture above. What can I say, I was testing out the new camera.) On the other hand if you can still ride a bike, and walk up hill to Salida a Queretaro, and have better balance so you don't fall down,  then I think trying to follow the advice is worthwhile.

Yes, the book is definitely motivating me so I guess I drank the Kool-Ade. I'm feeling pretty good right now but I think I'll feel younger next year.

BTW, this book leans a little more toward women but the original book was just Younger Next Year and it was more about men.

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  1. Hmmmm, I think I DEFINITELY need to follow in your footsteps. Thanks for the info.