Friday, June 21, 2013

Just Say Yes!

It was a Tuesday of  Firsts because I was saying yes. I'm trying to say more Yes and less No.

I usually take the easiest route to my Cardio/weight exercise class. But after reading Younger Next Year, my inner-self was telling me that I needed to step up to the plate and do some serious aerobic work. Finally I said to that aggravating inner-self, yes, okay, I'll do it. So Tuesday morning I walked from the bottom of Pila Seca to Salida a Queretaro. That worked up a sweat and got the old heart pounding. So I did it again on Wednesday and Thursday. I'm taking a break today.

I had some friends who asked me if I'd like to learn to play Mah Jong. Other than knowing it was a game and having read a novel or two where the women played Mah Jong, I didn't know a thing about it. But I said yes. Oh my! I think bridge is simplier. I had a good time and I'll be taking some more lessons until either my friends get tired of trying to teach the game to me or I am able to figure it out and play with a group of women who meet weekly. I'm not putting any money on which will happen first but if you are a gambler you will probably want to put your money on the friends throwing in the towel.

My last first and yes was on Tuesday night when I joined a life drawing group. You know I've told you before I'm not very good at sketching but I like to do it and I really like drawing from a live model. Henry Vermillion hosts the group but there is no instruction. It is just an opportunity to sketch. I loved it. I might even take some sketching classes. Surely I can do better.

Tuesday was a very busy but very satisfying day. I need to remember, just say yes more often.


  1. I know the walk (climb) up Pila Seca to Salida a Queretaro well. It is a killer. The real killer is having to exercise after you do it. That is hard!

    1. Martha, I'm sure it will get easier but I've been able to do it without having to stop and let my heart catch up. Although I will admit to slowing down on the walk from Barranca to Salida.

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