Friday, March 15, 2013

Serendipity, Or Not?

Over the last week or two I've been looking at netbooks and tablets on the Internet. The marketing for them highlighted the ability to draw and write with a stylus. That started me thinking about doing just that. Now along comes this workshop, The Artists' Journal. Scroll down to the end of the link and you will see a description of the workshop lead by Susan Dorf.

I've signed up for it,  I'm so excited about this.  In the past I have done a little life drawing and just a bit of sketching for fun and some oil painting many, many years ago. As you can see from this timed drawing in a class, I'm perfectly terrible in these mediums but I've had great times doing it. Also, I've kept the Artist's Way journal for years but never added any sketches to it. So I'm ready to explore something along the lines of an artist journal/sketchbook. It might be a creative stimulus to my photography. But at the very least, I think the workshop will be a really fun day.

Ask and ye shall receive. I am still amazed at how often this happens especially in my creative life. I don't think it is just serendipity. I do believe God and Ned are taking care of me and opening doors.


  1. Billie, I think that sketching and water color painting are just about the most satisfying and comforting things one can do other than cooking and eating. Go for it!

  2. They are indeed watching out over you. How wonderful that you are trying out this class. I'm sure it will be an inspiring journey for you. Have fun and from the looks of it, you'll do well. I think your sketch of the lady is very good. I'm happy for you Billie. Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy. Take care.

  3. I have an expat friend in Guaymas who did the same sort of thing. Took an art class on a whim. Lo and behold, she had an untapped talent that even she was not aware of. She is now even sellig her paintings! Maybe the same will happen to you!

  4. Thanks Islagringo lol. Not sure about untapped talent; but Billie I have certainly found it to be enjoyable and fun. The learning and exploring of new or different things keeps us aware of life around us.
    I fully believe you are being watched over and guided to try different things. Memories are wonderful; but making new memories is wonderful also.
    All the best to you always.