Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Yes, I know this isn't a very good iPhone shot of a television screen but it will serve as an illustration for my frustration with the "statistics" that the news channels keep posting about the pandemic. They like to post total numbers. I'd be more interested in what is the percentage of the population who have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus. The USA number is alarming as compared to Spain, Italy, France, and Germany. On the other hand, when you look at the percentage of the population that have had the disease, we still have the second-highest percentage but it is a more relative number in how we rank with other countries. 
  • USA 328.2 million - 3%
  • Spain 46.8 million - 4.9%
  • Italy 60.36 million - 1.9%
  • France 66.99 million - 2.4%
  • Germany 83.02 million - 1.9%
I'm still alarmed. Why doesn't the USA have the lowest percentage? We are more transparent? We have tested more of our population? Are we comparing apples to oranges due to testing procedures in these countries? 


  1. Good to see you back. I guess I am the slowest one to find you. I still remember the wonderful photos you published and printed with your Epson 3800. Do you still have it? I still want a wide printer, but then I think of the ink cost and I'm not sure. Especially when a little tweeking would make the print better, but the ink cost doubles and triples. When I get the urge, I start looking for a Walgreen's 50 or 60% off coupon, and get a 18" x 24" print
    and that satisfies my urge for 6 or 7 months.

    Your post about growing up during the depression sure rings a bell. My folks lived through it, and they saved everything for wrapping paper, Christmas ribbon, tissue paper, etc. Before anything was thrown out, it had to be stripped of screws, nuts, springs, all of which went into a gallon mayonnaise jar. Phil in Phoenix

  2. Hi Phil, yes I still have my large format printer. It seems like the ink cartridges are expensive but actually the ink cost per print is much less that with the smaller printers. If Walgreens satisfies your need for prints it is definitely a good way to go.

    Ah, I forgot about the mayonnaise jar full of screws, nuts and such. My Dad had one of those in the garage too. Glad you found me again.