Tuesday, January 22, 2019

ROMA - More Like a Poem than a Movie

When the Academy Award Nominations were announced today, my favorite film for 2018, Roma, garnered 10 nominations. Actually, Roma may be one of those films that will stick with me for a long time and becomes a yardstick for other films.

Natalia Green in her article in Mexico News Daily writes, "More like a poem than a movie -- in the Hollywood sense at least -- Roma is not for those who crave plot, elaborate dialogue or choreographed action sequences. Shot almost in docudrama style, its subject matter is daily life in all its mundaneness."

Not everyone I know who has seen Roma likes the movie but they have not put it aside. They are still talking about it and trying to understand why the director did this or included that. I loved the film and I've already watched it twice and plan to watch it again. I think it is a beautiful film shot in 1970s black and white format with the wide-angle camera moving through the house and the streets taking in life as it is occurring around the main characters. The way it captured the chaos of the street was as if one were actually walking in a Mexico City street. It was masterful the way the scenes were choreographed to also include symbolism of the current events in the 1970s.

Having been in Colonia Roma in Mexico City a number of times, I feel like I know the street where the house is located. The street sounds of bands, car motors, the whistle of the knife sharpener as well as the sound of mops being rung out and dishes clinking in the kitchen are substitutes for a musical soundtrack. The cars getting in and out of the portico was a mundane event for the family but are hysterical for the viewer. There isn't a lot of dialogue but the acting is superb.

Have you seen Roma?  What did you think? What was your favorite scene?


  1. The symbolism of the Doctor stepping in the dog shit--just a little payback for leaving his family without suppot

  2. I thought it was one of the best movies I have ever seen. The best scene was when she goes to the soccer field in an attempt to get her boyfriend to accept his deed. It shows the lonely desperation many women face after a few nights of romance and very typical of Latin male chauvinism.

    1. Boondock, I love photography monograph books and have many but there are a few that I will pick up over and over to look at. ROMA is that kind of movie for me. I will watch it many times because I think I will continue to see or understand something new each time. The soccer field segment was very lonely and sad. Thanks for reading the blog.