Tuesday, March 15, 2016

FotoFest, 2016

While in Houston I will try to hit as many of the FotoFest Exhibitions as I can. Yesterday was the Museum of Fine Arts where I saw Vera Lutter's Inverted Worlds made with huge Camera Obscura so of course the prints are also huge. I would guess most of them are at least four by six feet and some are made up of two or three panels of four by six. The exhibition was especially interesting to me because of my connection with Shootapalooza Heather Oelklaus and her Little Miss Sunshine pinhole camera truck.

There was also an exhibition called A History of Photography: Selections from the Museum's Collection. I liked seeing the variety of processes from the very beginning up until today's digital that have been used to make images.

There was a case or two of photography books and I did not realize that the Museum has Manfred Heiting's book collection of 25,000 books on photography.

In addition there is also a very fine exhibition of Lewis Baltz's work of the rapid changes due to construction in the California landscape. The style is stark and minimalist and caustic, influencing photography since the 1970's.

If you go to the Museum I hope you have time to see Sculpted in Steel, Art Deco Automobiles and Motorcycles. 1929-1940. Although it isn't photography, it is a beautiful display of hand-crafted automobiles and motorcycles that are truly sculptures. The link should take you to some pictures of these amazing works of art.

So far I have not been able to get a FotoFest Map and the online guide is a bit difficult to follow but I'll be out everyday and I'll report back on what I see.

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