Saturday, August 16, 2014

Help Wanted

Shot from my front door last night. It was shot at 1/5 sec, f1.8, 1600 ISO. I'm using a 45 mm f1.8 lens on the Olympus OMD E M-1 so it is the equivalent of a 90mm f1.8 lens. The lens weighs maybe 5 oz. I really, really like this lens. It is sharp and has good contrast. A similar lens on a full frame camera would weigh in at a  pound or more and probably cost 3X as much.
This image would have been better, and certainly would make a better print, shot at a smaller aperture and lower ISO and that would require a tripod. I have a small travel tripod but still it would be a nuisance to carry to dinner or a cocktail party. I want to go out to photograph at night with the camera on a tripod and no other agenda but a photo shoot.  I'm hesitant about doing that by myself. If I'm going to do some serious night photography, I need to hire an assistant who can be on the watch for what is happening around me while I'm setting up the shot.
Anyone looking for an occasional night time job?


  1. As always, a well-considered and well-executed shot.

  2. The 45mm is my next lens.

  3. I agree with Steve and will be buying the 45mm next.

  4. Lovely shot. Makes me want to buy the 45 mm even more.

  5. My first thought: "She must have used a tripod for this shot." I guess I don't remember you getting an Olympus. Have you had it long?

    1. Phil, I got the camera last December. I'm very happy with it. It has 5-way image stabilization and that definitely helps with handheld shots.