Monday, November 11, 2013

A Photo Shoot

During the Santa Fe Photography Workshop that I took we had a photo shoot with some young men with tattoos.

What was interesting was that these young men had never modeled before. This photo shoot thing was as new for them as shooting a model was for me. I was the first one to shoot the young men and so I was the one to ask them to take off their shirts. They were very uneasy with stripping down to the waist for some old gringa. There was a lot of hesitation and teasing each other as they did it. So I tried to focus on the tattoos. Su bebe? Esposa? Oh, El Virgen! Muy bonita! That helped a little. But they didn't know what to do and since this was my first time to give direction to a model, I wasn't too sure what they should do either.  With my bad Spanish, I struck the pose first and then they tried to do the same thing. After about 10 minutes we were working and I was clicking the shutter.

Out of all the things we did in the workshop, I think that working with these young men may have been one of my favorites. I'm encouraged to ask someone to model for me. Even if it never becomes a project or goes anywhere, it is a learning experience.

Anybody know where I can find some young men with tattoos?


  1. Billie, if you let me, I will give your FB info to a good friend of mine here in the DF, Federico Gama. He specializes in just this kind of photography. In fact, Artes de México published his book, Historias en la Piel.

    1. Cristina, by all means pass my FB or blog info on to him. I went to look at his book. I didn't see a place to buy a copy. I'd be very interested in having one.

  2. The tattoo artist at the artisan's market should have some leads for you.

  3. I have a list of former clients who would fill your bill. Unfortunately, most of them are unable to travel -- for the next ten years or so.

  4. Steve, that was my thought exactly. I live in NM where there are many tattooed fellows who are up to no good. The first fellow has that look, for sure don't give him your address.