Friday, July 12, 2013


Some people say their dreams are in vivid color that play across their mind or subconscious like a movie. And the next morning when they wake up they can tell you about the dream in detail.

Do you remember your dreams? Most of the time I don't.

But last night....last night was different. Well, actually it was early this morning in that kind of twilight between sleep and awake. I realized I was in a dream. The early part of the dream is very fuzzy but there was a connection between this woman and a man. They are upstage left in a restaurant. They could have been a husband and wife at a table or maybe the chef and the woman who took care of the front of the restaurant. Like I say, it is fuzzy.

Then the dream becomes very vivid. Two women walk in downstage right. Both attractive. One with blond hair back in a bun or french twist. She was wearing a simple 1930's bias-cut dress in white wool jersey. The other was in a stylish fitted royal blue suit with a short but not short-short skirt, deep neckline and a large Kate Middleton hat set at a jaunty tilt.

Next the three women are seated at a table center stage. There is a bit of small talk. Then the Kate Middleton hat lady pushes a small envelope toward the restaurant woman. On the front of the envelope is written a large sum of money and something like "Take it and leave now." The restaurant woman reacts with shock. From that point on, if I would have had a pencil I could have been writing dialogue. The words were just pouring out although now I can't remember exactly what they were.

Was this a pay off for a mistress or wife? Was it the old corporate golden handshake, take your severance and go?

Why did I have this dream? What does it mean? Does it mean I need to go shopping for some fashionable clothes or get a new hair style? Or, is it a plot for a 10-minute play? Maybe the muse is channeling a great novel or screen play and I need to be ready. Should I go to bed tonight with a pen and pad in my hand ready to transcribe? You never know about these things.

Hey, it is my dream so stop it!  I can hear you laughing!


  1. It must be dream time. This morning I had a dream that I was in Mexico with my wife (a woman I have never seen before) and my former long-time girl friend (who I should have married 30 years ago). We were going to a town festival where all of the bodies of children are dug up and brought to the Catholic church for blessing. So, I grabbed the coffin of my older brother, who died before he was 1, and joined the profession. My wife hurried ahead yelling that we could catch a combi. My girl friend told me we could take our time by walking to the church.

    The Jung-Freud debate can begin. But I think I understand this dream quite well. And it is why I like all of my dreams. Just as I thoroughly enjoyed yours.

    1. I love your dream. Thanks for sharing it. I wish I could remember my dreams more often. They could be good blog fodder.

  2. I had a vivid dream too...and I remember thinking, "The reason I have to sit here in this group of people naked is that, because I am dreaming, I am paralyzed and so I can't get up and get dressed."

  3. While the dream is interesting (as dreams tend to be) what I am mesmerized by is the painting (photo?) of the table scape. I can't stop looking at it. Brilliant composition! Wow. Just stunning.


    1. Thanks Barbara, It was taken with my small Olympus camera, the file was transferred to the iPad and put through the Glaze app. That is what makes it look a bit like a painting.