Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I'm back in San Mighel de Allende but as usually happens there are some re-entry problems. One of those problems is a big one. I'm not sure yet exactly what it is but it could be a monitor on the way out, a bad graphic card or some other computer problem.

At first I was sure that it was the monitor and I was making arrangements for someone to import a new one for me. This was after I had spent several hours researching Samsung monitors. Why Samsung monitors, you ask. Because Samsung monitors are made in Mexico and I figured that I would be able to either find a way to buy the one I wanted on line in Mexico or Samsung Mexico could help me.  I was wrong. I did find a phone number for Samsung but it went back to the USA. The customer service rep there spent considerable amount of time  trying to find a way for me to contact Samsung MX but he couldn't do it either.

Last night about eight, the thought finally came to me to start the computer in safe mode and see how the monitor looked. It looked okay. Sooo...it may not be a monitor problem. My computer tech is out of town but will be back and will check out the whole system. Until then, I'm on the iPad and you will not be seeing any pictures.

Another problem is the pigeons. I have a pair that are trying to nest in the portico. I've broken the eggs, torn down the nest and I go out about every 15 minutes to chase them away but those stupid birds are not discouraged.

I'm thankful to be home. I'm thankful that the Internet was working when I returned. I'm very happy to have Carly home. I'm surprised that the weather isn't as hot as it has been sometimes in May. In fact, the nights are cool. Charles will come and figure out the computer problem. I WILL WIN the battle with the pigeons. Life is good!


  1. Ha, ha, ha pigeons and monitors! Hmmmm, which would be the most aggravating? Glad you're home safe and sound....see you in a couple of weeks!

    1. Yesterday the pigeons were the most aggravating. But today it might be the monitor. Keep having fun NOB.

  2. This reminds me a bit of an exchange I had recently on a Yahoo forum that deals with the Morelia/Patzcuaro area. Gringos. Someone was looking for a person to mule a letter to the U.S. I responded that just dropping it off at the local Mexican post office would do just fine. That was deemed inflammatory, so they have me on permanent moderation. Go figger.

    You need a new monitor (perhaps). Go to the nearest computer store and buy one. Mexico works.

    Yes, the weather is uncommonly cool for this time of year. Very nice.

    Buena suerte with the pigeons.

    1. Felipe, I agree that buying the monitor in MX is what I should do. That is why I spent so much time looking for it on line and trying to contact Samsung MX. I need a higher end monitor that can be calibrated so that when I send images to a gallery that also has a monitor calibrated to the same standards they can use printer.paper profiles and print an image that will look exactly the same as if I had printed it on my printer. For another item that I needed I was able to contact Epson in DF and they helped me find a vendor in MX that had it.