Friday, May 3, 2013

Frida in The Big Enchilada

This is just too, too good to leave as a comment or even an update at the end of the blog entry about The Big Enchilada. My fellow blogger and friend Cristina Potter made a comment on my blog entry and told me she had written about the exhibition, Appearances Can Deceive,  at Frida's Blue House. I read Cristina's blog, Mexico Cooks, but somehow I missed this.

Cristina was invited to a private showing of the exhibition and then she wrote the best review of the show I have seen and she has some great photographs from the show. You must read this review NOW! Click Here.

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  1. Billie,
    Thanks for the connection to Cristina's blog, which I read when she posted it. Just wanted to let you know that I HATE her blogs especially when she talks about the bakeries in DF! Last one she posted on the breads of DF made me gain two pounds, and ruin a shirt with saliva stains -just in the reading! Love your posts on this newer blog! Great posts!
    Dan in NC