Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Life isn’t easy in Houston. In fact, trying to stay in isolation is proving difficult, more so each day. Not the time I spend in my apartment but the part that keeps me connected with the outside world is difficult.

I need cash. Unfortunately, I find myself with large bills when what I need is small bills so that I can tip the person who delivers groceries or other door-to-door services that are available.

I’m not renting a car while I’m here, at least not yet. Using the iPhone, I looked for close by locations for my bank. Yea! One is just seven-tenths of a mile from the apartment. That isn’t a difficult walk for someone who has been walking the streets of San Miguel.

A lot of “essential” businesses have changed hours so I called to see if that location was still open 9:00 - 5:00. No, their hours are 9:30 - 4:00 but I’d have to use the ATM because the banking lobby isn’t open or I could use the drive-thru. I said that I would walk through the drive-thru because I needed smaller bills that the ATM distributed and I didn’t have a car. The banker told me that no one is allowed to walk thru the drive-thru. What? I explained that we are in the a pandemic and rules should be adjusted for this time. We discussed my problem. He finally said that I could try it if I wanted to but it was dangerous. I wanted to say, “being 83 is dangerous in this pandemic and I don’t think walking through a bank’s drive-thru is any more dangerous.” But, I didn’t say it.

So, tomorrow I’ll walk to the bank at 9:30 and walk thru the drive-thru. I’ll let you know if I live through that and if I get the cash that I want.

I have another story, a long one, about trying to enter the cyber world since I moved into the apartment, but that is for another day.


  1. Made me laugh out loud! I want to hear if they would give you money? Do you have a cane? Use that! I had quite a snafu at Chase a few years ago when I wanted to cash a check at the drive-thru window. I have had an account with Chase since the 1970's although it had a different name at that time. Anyway, I gave them my Mx drivers license for ID. Nope, they would cash it, even though it had a photo on it for ID. I had to have my passport, which of course I did not. I no longer had an officer at Chase to handle stuff like this, so I went into the bank. Finally, after it looked like I wasn't going to budge and wanted not that much money, they relented but it was an unpleasant experience. Buen suerte!

  2. Oh, Billie, you should've told the banker your age just for the pleasure of pulling rank on him.

    1. Jennifer, I was probably 50 years older than anyone I saw at the bank. You are right, I should have told him my age.

    2. I like to ask "just for the record, what year did I open my account here? Wow, it must be wrong, it says 1958. One gal responded, "that's before I was born. In fact, that is even before my mother was born." Phil in Phoenix

  3. He, he. That is the one big difference between Mexico and the USA. In Mexico the customer gets what she wants even if that involves walking through the drive through.

  4. Mmm...I don't know Croft. Walking through the drive-thru would probably be fine but the bank has rules that there is no way you can deviate from. The checks have to be made out to you exactly as the name on your account and you better sign documents and checks exactly as you did 20 years ago when you opened the account. If you don't comply, you have a problem. Another one of the things that keep you on your toes and the brain working while living in Mexico.