Friday, June 19, 2015

Home Office

This week Houzz, the on-line architecture and design newsletter, ran a section that they called 95 Deskscape Dazzlers. Oh my but some of them were so beautiful with flowers, lamps, art work. I looked at all 95 and really liked the look of about sixty percent of them. But after I got through the dazzle, I started being practical.

A piece of art work behind the desk would be nice but a big monitor would cover it up.
Most of the desks were too small to open a laptop and also have any reference materials open.
Where would you put a printer or scanner or backup hard drive?
Where do you hide modems, speakers and phones?
Where do you store files?
How can you stare at a monitor for several hours when it faces a window?

I do like beautiful things but I'm a practical woman. I think I'll give up the idea of a deskscape and settle for a work bench.


  1. Most didn't do anything for me; too contrived or design-ey. An office is a personal space that should revolve around your work and needs. An idea from here or there, or some detail, is fine but that's about it.

    1. I think their title says it all Deskscape Dazzlers. It probably is not fair of me to compare my home office with their deskscapes but the juxtaposition of what they showed with my own home office made me laugh. I agree with you, the are truly design-ey and not practical.

  2. I have a huge window behind my computer screen. Love it. It gives me a fantastic view of the mountains. I looked at some of those desk designs in the book and found them totally impractical, of course. They were just striving for pretty photos.

    Still think you would do well to download Disqus. It's not difficult, and it's far easier and nicer for your readers to leave comments.