Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Passing Ferry Boats

After a breakfast of eggs, sausage, biscuits and grits at the Island Cafe with my friend Frank, he headed out towards Corpus Christi. Actually he was not going to Corpus Christi, he was looking for the blue lines on a map that would take him to small communities north and east of Corpus, the places where he can find his images.

I picked up my camera bag and headed out too, into a heavy, wet fog. First to the beach and the life guard stations. I've already photographed them in sun and in overcast light from clouds but that wasn't quite what I wanted. Maybe the fog would be it. It was so quiet on the beach. Very few people and the fog seemed to muffle the sound of the waves as well as the sight of them until you were close to the water. The horizon was lost.

After I photographed the horizon and the life guard stations, I headed over to the ferry docks. The ferry boats would look good in the fog and perhaps a tanker would glide past as well. I was close to a couple who were fishing and while I waited for a tanker we struck up a conversation. Guess what? They were about my oldest son's age and she went to the same high school that he did. She didn't remember him because she was a couple of years older. And then we discovered that her family had lived in the same subdivision that we did.

Once again, I'm reminded, it is a small world.


  1. I forgot to put in a link for Frank Armstrong's photographs.
    Go take a look. You'll like them.

    1. Andrea Colunga BusseyMarch 4, 2015 at 6:21 AM

      Great to meet you at the Ferry yesterday! It is a small world. We plan to continue reading your blog. Let us know when you're on the Island & we can share a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Best wishes & Safe travels, Andrea & Art Bussey

    2. Andrea and Art, This makes my day. I can't believe you found me! After I left I thought of coming back and asking for your email so I could stay in touch. Yes, I will let you know when I'm coming back to Port Aransas which may be in May.

  2. I just an dumbfounded each and every time I meet someone with a connection. Then I try to figure out why I was supposed to meet them and on and on.........Really a treat! So glad that happened for you. Loving SEEING your adventures!