Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dancing in the Jardin

This past weekend was the San Miguel Festival. If you read other SMA blogs or if you are on FaceBook and know anyone in SMA, I'm sure you have seen some incredible photographs of the fireworks, the procession and the Indian dancers. I have made pictures before of the Indian dancers but this time I'm going to show you something else that went on....some different dancers. There was a band in the Jardin and in front of the band were people dancing and having so much fun.

Every time the band would stop, the dancers would clap and call for more.

I love the Festival but I also like to go sit somewhere in the Jardin and look for what is happening that isn't part of the planned festivities.


  1. Hi Billie. Hope you are doing good. I just found your blog again and wanted to say hello. Looks like everyone was having fun dancing. Great fun.

  2. I have taken to your heart your goal of avoiding the cliche in photography. These two are a perfect example that you consistently nail your goal. Thanks for giving the rest of us a goal to meet.