Thursday, October 10, 2013

Listening to the Stories

I have heard that there are creative writing classes where you are assigned a subject or an image to write about? Well, if I were assigned to write about the image I posted yesterday, I would be overwhelmed.

Babs commented on yesterday's post, "Oh my, this so touches your heart, doesn't it?" Yes, that image did touch my heart and I kept thinking about it after I posted it. Stories keep floating by. Stories about the fire extinguisher. Why is it there? I don't remember seeing one in such an obvious position in other Mexican churches. Stories about the flowers. Who picked them and brought them to the church and why? Stories about the battered offering box. Why is it battered? Why is it locked? Who are the people who drop their precious pesos in the offering box?

I think the Writing Muse is messing with me. Those stories are floating out there somewhere waiting to be written but the Photo Muse is keeping me too busy. The Writing Muse needs to give this assignment to someone else. I'm too old to concentrate on more than one thing at a time. Is it okay with you if I send the Writing Muse to your house?

This image of the beam of light is in the same church as the image from yesterday. I know. I know it is just kind of physics thing when a light beam comes in a small opening but I always feel like it is a ray of light from God.


  1. Words are inadequate at often say it all!

  2. Words are often inadequate. Photos often express it in one glance.

  3. That interior photo makes me wonder about the rest of the church. Is it simple or ornate? need painting? primitive? Large or small?