Sunday, September 22, 2013

Where Are The Pictures?

Tourism is alive and flourishing in Prague. Even on a rainy day the Old Market Square is full of tourist and for every 1,000 tourist there has to be 500 of them who has a camera and is aiming it at something. All kinds of cameras, iPhones, Point and Shoots, mirrorless cameras with and without interchangeable lenses, small DSLRS and a surprising number of  top-end DSLRs with BIG zoom lenses. These two young women had just taken a picture of the horses and I was taking a picture of them. They looked up and saw me and asked me to take a picture of them with their iPhone. I did.

It was impossible to make a photograph of the landmarks of anyplace that I traveled that had not been made many, many times before. And it was impossible to take any pictures without a herd of tourist. Oh, that didn't stop me from making pictures because I came home with hundreds and hundreds of image files.

Now everyone is telling me they want to see my pictures. They don't really want to see all my pictures unless maybe they are trying to fall asleep and counting sheep hasn't worked.  I'm going through the files editing and processing the RAW files. Eventually I'll post a link to the edited files. In the meantime, I'll post a few on the blog along with a story or two.


  1. As always, captivating! Heck, I'm only in Houston and I'm having fun taking fun photos too.
    AND other things.....

    1. The "AND other things...." sound the most interesting. LOL

  2. Share away with your photographs. I just realized, we never did get around to discussing photo tips at dinner last week.

  3. YES still want pictures...and stories too.