Saturday, July 6, 2013

White Curtain

When we bought this house this white muslin curtain was up in the dining room. It is still there. I've thought a hundred times that I should replace it but it holds some fascination for me.

When I've had those thoughts about replacing it I'm usually sitting in the dining room or living room looking at it but then the replacement thought is quickly replaced with thoughts about how the light is coming through it. How it fills the room with such a lovely soft glow. I like the folds and how the color changes to a pale green when it drops below the window sill. Just look at the layers of fabric in the hem. And how the light spills from under it, quickly fading away.

What could I replace it with that would be an ever changing light display? Would another type of curtain fascinate me or just be another curtain in the house?

Now you know why this cheap curtain has never been replaced.


  1. Inexpensive, maybe. But cheap? Never. Anything that can induce such prosery is worth keeping.

  2. I liked that post. Simple, interesting, plain. Short and to the point. Something most of us would never have noticed or thought worthy of a comment.

    I guess that is why I like to read your blog. When I started, it was photography and bread making. Do you still do bread making?

  3. Phil, I haven't made any bread in a while. There are a couple of reasons. I've found a baker here in SMA that makes a wonderful crusty rustic loaf. The weather was too hot from the middle of April to the middle of June to have the oven cranked up to 450 degrees for an hour+. I try to only make bread when I'm having company because if I make it, I'll eat it. But I would like to get back to making some bread. When the loaf turns out okay it really feels like and accomplishment.