Friday, March 22, 2013

Strength, Peace and Comfort

I'm not Catholic but the Catholic church has been a part of my life since Ned and I started coming to Mexico back in the early 80s. First it was my fascination with the churches strung along the old road between Cancun and Merida. Every little village had a church built on an elevated piece of ground. I quickly learned that most of these churches were built on the foundations of a Mayan pyramid. That led to some research and a five year photography project of 16th Century churches in Mexico.

During that long project I spent a lot of time just sitting in these churches as I waited for a Mass or wedding or a funeral to be over so that I could walk around and photograph without disturbing the people who were worshiping. I came to love that time of just being still and quiet in these amazing structures that were built and consecrated to God. After we came to San Miguel I continued to stop in one of the churches when I was in the Centro to just to sit and feel near God. It became my way of renewing my spirit.

After Ned was diagnosed with cancer, I would stop in one of the churches and pray. At first I begged for Ned's life but later I asked for strength and peace and comfort for both of us. I'm still stopping in the churches and asking for strength and peace and comfort. I believe that God is still doing just me strength and peace and comfort.

This image was made in the San Francisco church this week. Wilting bouquets of white roses were on all the side altars, probably left from a wedding.


  1. You are fortunate to live near such lovely churches. We who are in America are not always so fortunate. I like the simplicity of the Mexican churches. Moreover, many times the iconography is more lovely. I wish you peace and healing and many years of exploring the world as a solitary pilgrim. I find it difficult; yet, it has stellar moments. In fact, I hope you have one such moment today. All best, P. Mora

  2. P.Mora, one thing I forgot to mention in the blog is the accessibility of the churches. You can go into them all during the day. I love being able to stop on my way home from the mercado or comida and just go in and be quiet and leave with my spirit refreshed.